Pitch Black Asphalt  
Other Victims
Danny Cardona is currently under investigation and has several civil lawsuits in progress. He has deceived and has victims in Lakehills, Wimberly, Austin, San Antonio Texas to name a few.  Do your research before hiring any contractor.

If you have been a Victim of Pitch Black Asphalt Maintenance, Here are the action items you need:

   1.  Contact you local sheriff's office and make a fraud report. They will give you a case number, keep that as  you will              need it later.

   2. Make a  Consumer complaint with the Texas Attorney General - 

   3. Report your case to the The Better Business Bureau (BBB)

   4. Start a legal Civil Suit for the amount lost (what Danny Cordona took from you).  At the end,  Pitch Black Asphalt will                  be responsible for your legal fees.
               Depending on your county, contact your district attorney for advice and process. 

This Website has been created to inform the public of the un-ethical behavior Danny Cardona and team have demonstrated.  

If you are a victim of Pitch Black Asphalt, Fill out your case information in this website, under the "Contact Me" page, as we are compiling additional evidence to put these theives in jail until they give restitution to their victims.

The State of Texas is cracking down on these unethical contractors but we need to unite and gather all the evidence possible. 

Below are some of the reviews found online (yelp contractor reviews)

7944 Fake Ave, Door 56 Wonderland, NYC 12347
+92452 241564 +92452 458564